Pause. Re-WILD. Play.

Pause. Re-WILD

Join Dona Tumacder-Esteban, the pioneer of Yin, Embodiment and women’s wellbeing practices in the Philippines, in this highly recommended immersion that puts the spotlight on our unique needs as women.

Dona focuses on what it means to embody the feminine aspect in the modern world. She guides women into their inner wisdom through mindfulness of our feminine energy manifesting in our menstrual cycle. She also teaches how to take care of ourselves throughout our life stages and the different phases of our cycle and address issues related to fertility, pre-menstrual syndrome, irregular periods, mood swings, fatigue, low sex drive, and symptoms related to Menopause.

In this September Women’s Immersion, you will unwind and uncover your wild nature as you learn practical tools, experience yoga and embodiment practices, and create a personalized plan that moves you towards loving your Self fully, fiercely, unapologetically.


Sept 23-24, 2017




PAUSE: Unwind. Undo. Unfold.

We begin the immersion by taking a pause, recovering space in our bodies, and remembering who we are so we can fill these space with more of our Selves. Through a deep practice of Somatic Movement and Inner Body Yoga, we take time to expand our awareness in a fast paced world where rising expectations have increased the demands from women - as warriors in the workplace and champions of the community while remaining the primary homemaker and caregiver.  As the center of the family and the community, women end up continuously giving without replenishing in order to fulfill expanding expectations. We begin by slowing down so we can meet our Selves fully.

AM Practice: Somatic Movement, Inner Body Yoga

Re-WILD: Recovering Flow

Modern living has taught us to domesticate our bodies, ignore her seasons, control her natural flow and shut her up in the name of pep and productivity. In this module, we will learn about our Inner Moon, the female energy cycle that governs bodies, what can get in the way of her flow, and the imbalances that can manifest when we are out of sync with our body’s natural Inner Moon cycle including PMS, irregular periods, low libido, extreme mood swings, monthly fatigue, and exhaustion.

PM Practice: Inner Moon Movements for each phase of the female energy cycle


Re-WILD: Reconnecting with our Emotional Body

A big part of our wild, natural state is understanding and embracing our emotions, pleasant and unpleasant, expansive and contractive. Emotions affect our bodies through our mind states, meridian channels and hormones. When unexpressed, they accumulate in our tissues as toxins and tension. A lot of this tension is held in the pelvic region, blocking the flow of blood and chi essential for a healthy reproductive system and a life full of ease and Grace. Many women experience the push and pull of a variety of emotions at different phase of the cycle. In this workshop, we will learn the emotional states that are natural to each cycle phase, what causes imbalances, and what practical things we can do to affect our emotions through life force nutrition, movement, and simple lifestyle adjustments.

AM Practice: Inner Moon Yin Yoga and Breathwork

PLAY: Embodying the Creative Cycle

Life is Play. We’ve paused. We’ve reconnected. Now, it’s time to press Play. Built in within each woman is the creative cycle, the ability to conceive, nourish, and give birth to who we are and how we want our lives to play out. In this module, we will tap into this cycle to support us in our endeavors. We will practice a creative visioning process using Embodiment and Yoga and ground this into rituals that can bring us closer to becoming more of who we are and living our lives from that place, fully, fiercely, unapologetically.

PM practice: Inner Body Flow

Weekend Rates:

Regular Rate: P7,999
inclusive of Women’s Life Force Lunch

Early Bird Rate:  P5,999
inclusive of Women’s Life Force Lunch

Super Early Bird Rate: until P5,499
inclusive of Women’s Life Force Lunch

Daily Rate:

Regular Rate: P4,499
inclusive of Women’s Life Force lunch

Early Bird Rate: P3,499
inclusive of Women’s Life Force Lunch

Super Early Bird Rate: P2,999
inclusive of Women’s Life Force Lunch


Dona Tumacder-Esteban

Dona’s purpose is simple: to be fully, fiercely, unapologetically alive. She provides space for people to awaken through their bodies, helps them fall in love with themselves again, and guides people in conceiving and giving birth to an expanded version of themselves filled with spice, depth, and juiciness. She does these through Embodiment practices, Energy Management, and advocating an approach to Women’s Wellbeing that honors the Inner Moon feminine energy cycle. Dona gives special focus on Women-centered programs where she encourages embodying a feminine approach to women's well-being, minding our monthly flow and eating according to our cyclical nature. In Dona's classes, expect to expand perspective, explore different ways of inhabiting one’s body, and bring harmony to Self by skillfully navigating the oscillation between Yin and Yang. Her practical approach bridges age-old philosophy and new scientific developments with modern day living.

Dona has taught Yoga, Women’s Wellbeing, and Human Energy Management Programs in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, India, Denmark, Estonia and the Philippines.