200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Discovering New Ways to Flow

January 30 to February 24, 2017 | Manila, Philippines

Early Bird: Php 125,000.00 until November 30, 2016
Regular Rate: Php 140,000.00

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This is Not Your Typical Teacher Training Course

Do you work a stressful Monday to Friday, 8 to 5 job, have back to back meetings, never-ending deadlines and end your work week tired, realizing you will have to do the exact same thing the following week?

Do you imagine a job that will give you a more flexible schedule, allowing you to have more time for yourself and your loved ones? 

Do you want to earn a good salary that will provide for you and give you financial comfort, without having to work 10 hours a day?

Can you imagine having all of the above, plus the benefit of living a well-balanced life? The capacity to embrace wellness in all aspects of your life - physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually?

If it’s a yes, then come and join our 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and change your life forever! 

What is so special about our 200-Hour VYTT?

At the end of 4 weeks with us, you will:


1.  Learn to hold space for your students

Whether it’s a class of pure beginners, advanced yogis or a multi-level one, we will teach you how to handle it skillfully and creatively, providing a space for all your students that is both safe and welcoming. Safe, because we will dig deep into alignment and adjustments. Welcoming, because your classes will be made accessible to all levels, regardless of their experience.

2.  Learn to walk the talk

More than being able to teach a great yoga class, we will cultivate seeds of mindful awareness into your practice, so as you grow stronger physically in your practice, you will also grow emotionally and spiritually. As you take in mindfulness into your life, on and off the mat, you will take this into your teaching as well. Teach from a place of peace and calm.

3. Find inspiration to grow as a teacher in this community, and help grow others as well

Have the ability to inspire students and touch their lives to become better people, for themselves and for others. We all have what it takes to inspire and cultivate change, our job is to help you find it.

4.  Build a strong and solid practice

With hard work and discipline, our daily asana classes and yoga labs will change you and your practice, allowing you to create a solid foundation of strength and stability.

5. Have a new outlook on health and nutrition

We will teach you proper nutrition and mindful eating to help support a lifetime practice. Eat to heal and nourish the body, and maximize the energy we get from our food. You will be surrounded by like-minded people, who will be your support group to get through the challenges and achieve that sustainable change.

6.  Make money and have fun doing it

Being a yoga teacher will open many paths for you, whether it’s being a full-time teacher for a studio, being part-time teacher for several studios, travelling around the world as guest teachers, conducting your own workshops and trainings, and being a successful studio owner! The possibilities are endless!

We can’t guarantee that you’ll be a millionaire, but you will have a job that you love, help people in the process and be financially secure and happy.

7. Have the chance to join an apprenticeship program and be mentored by a senior teacher in an actual class environment.

8. Get hard copies of 2 yoga reference books.


How will your schedule look like?

Week 1-3 Monday to Saturday
Week 4 Monday to Friday

Sample Schedule*

06:00 - 06:30 - Pranayama, Kriya and Meditation
06:30 - 08:00 - Asana Practice with Aisa, Neil or Ryan (or a guest teacher)
08:00 - 09:00 - Breakfast
09:00 - 12:00 - Lecture 1
12:00 - 13:00 - Lunch
13:00 - 16:00 - Lecture 2 or Yoga Lab
16:00 - 17:00 - Lecture 3 or Practice Teach
16:00 - 17:30 - Special Asana Practice (only on the first 3 Fridays)

* Daily schedule is subject to change.

Learn in a space conducive for training

Meet the Teachers

Aisa Locsin-Winternitz

Aisa Locsin-Winternitz

Aisa believes that a healthy and long-lasting practice starts with the knowledge of how to mindfully move through the postures, always coming from a place of full support and stability. With this as her guiding principle, Aisa trained under Absolute Yoga Academy where she took the 200-hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 and the 200-hour VinyasaTeacher Training with Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein in 2013. Having gone through many injuries from ballet, sports, and an unsafe and misguided hot yoga practice in the past, she is inspired by her teachers of the importance of safety and alignment in yoga asana. Her alignment-based Vinyasa classes are dynamic and challenging, yet open to all levels, whether new to the practice or a seasoned yogi. She’ll make sure you leave class happy, with a good sweat and a big smile.

Aisa continues to study diligently as a perpetual student of Yoga.


Neil Salang

In his classes, Neil integrates the knowledge that he has learned as a Kriya Yogi and devotee of the Self-Realization Fellowship Ashram (www.yognanda-srf.org). With his experience in the corporate world, he understands the stressful situations that most employees and executives go through everyday. It is his mission to share yoga asana practice, meditation and mindfulness practices with different companies to help them handle the stress. He practices and espouses daily meditation that will provide us Love, Peace and Joy and bring lightness in the daily challenges we experience.

He teaches Led Ashtanga, Flow and meditation classes. He also teaches a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training under the Change From Within program of yoga+.

Ryan Chester

Ryan Chester

Ryan’s classes are rigorous, energetic and fun. Inspired by IdoPortal and with a background in Muay Thai kickboxing. Ryan’s classes are interlaced with core conditioning and strengthening asanas ideal for martial arts groups and people, especially men, who are looking to build strength without being a gym rat.

Ryan is passionate about sharing yoga and has been inspiring students since graduating from the 9-week intensive Bikram Yoga training in Hawaii in 2007. Ryan has amassed over 5000+ hours of teaching yoga, gaining valuable experience that he shares as a faculty member for both the Vinyasa Yoga and Absolute Yoga teacher trainings at yoga+.